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 For the very best in stone restoration, stone conservations, and stone repairs, trust the expert and skilled team of stone masons here at John Brosnan Masonry.


Stone restoration requires precision, attention to detail, and refined skills. The John Brosnan Masonry team consists of stone restoration experts allowing us to take on a wide variety of restoration projects, delivering astounding results every time.

While natural stone structures are extremely durable, overtime they can become damaged, whether it be from general wear and tear or adverse weather conditions. We have years of experience and particular expertise when it comes to stone restoration and repointing. From crumbling stone wall repairs to garden paving improvements, our team is available to undertake stonework projects of all specifications.

The aim of both stone restoration and stone conservation is to return stone features to their original glory. In stone restoration, we are mainly concerned with the final appearance of the structure. It is the process of repairing a structure so that it both looks and works better. Stone conservation, on the other hand, is about retaining the maximum amount of original stone as possible. Any additions or repairs should not remove or alter the original material. With conservation, the stone structure may not look as great as it would had it been restored, but the original charm and design of the feature is still present.

Whether it’s stone restoration, stone repairs, or stone conservations, trust the experienced and professional team of skilled stone masons here at John Brosnan Masonry.

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Stone Restoration FAQs

  • Where can I find a stone restoration specialist near me?

    John Brosnan Masonry is based in Athea Co. Limerick. Our range of stone restoration services are available to domestic and commercial customers throughout Limerick and North Kerry.

  • Can you repair fallen stone walls?

    Yes, we have lots of experience in repairing stone walls in all conditions, from minor joint repoints to complete stone replacements. For more information on our repairs and restoration services please contact us directly.

  • How much does stone restoration cost?

    As stone restoration is highly specific to each project, the cost of restoration will vary depending on what work is required. To discuss your project and get a free quote you can email us at jbrosnan0@gmail.com or phone 0877408752.